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Nature Inspired Creative Visionary

I believe we can all have a deeper connection with the natural way of life

An Architect for the Future of Eco-Textiles



Asher T. Sinclaire is a Digital Eco-Artist who is an eco-textiles advocate, designer, and speaker. As an accomplished photographer, he turns natural imagery into captivating designs and prints them on natural eco-textiles. He is inspiring the sustainable community with technology and creativity.


Each textile design starts with a walk with Nature observing the patterns in the environment. Natural colors and textures are the inspiration for all of the designs. Once a unique phenomenon is witnessed it is documented by creating digital images. These images are taken back to the studio to be cataloged and by using software the images are customized to create unique textile designs.


Eco-textiles are ethically and sustainably produced natural materials such as hemp, linen, cotton, silk, and wool that are certified organic and free of harmful substances.


Asher T. Sinclaire is a Digital Eco-Artist who has evolved into a natural eco-textiles advocate, designer, and speaker. Born and raised in Arizona, he finds inspiration from the lush landscapes of the Sonoran Desert. His connection with the global natural eco-textile community supports his belief that natural eco-textiles are safe and sustainable for people and the planet.


Asher creates nature-inspired designs from his photographs and prints them on natural eco-textiles using a waterless printing process and inks that are certified biodegradable, non-hazardous, and non-toxic. He is an award-winning artist, photographer, and published writer. He holds a B.Sc. in Education with Honors from Northern Arizona University and an A.A. in photography from Yavapai College.


Currently, he is working on a digital eco-textile printing research and development grant project made possible by the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the Arizona Community Foundation, with funding from the Newton and Betty Rosenzweig Fund for the Arts. He is a member of the Arizona Department of Education Family and Consumer Sciences Industry Advisory Board, former and first Executive Director of the Arizona Sustainable Apparel Association, and pursuing his MBA to further his business acumen.


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Butterfly Crystal

Seven Springs, Arizona fills the soul. 

The Chalcedon Checkerspot Butterfly, 

Lupine, and Thistle dance, 

in the breeze of a spring day. 

The Amethyst sings enchanting folklores.

Cherry Blossom FINAL 4x5.jpg

Cherry Blossom Vista

Gazing into the vast distance,

from the Mogollon Rim outside of Payson, Arizona. 

An ocean of pine trees and fresh air. 

At the confluence of Tonto and Horton Creeks,

the cherry blossoms and daffodils bloom. 

Recharging the senses and opening the mind to the unknown.

Leaves FINAL 4x5.jpg

Always in Motion

Moments flow on Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona. 

Leaves impress the senses. 

Magical moments burning inside. 

Pigments explode to the surface.

Roses and Sky FINAL 4x5.jpg

Roses in the Sky

For those who love Arizona, 

from Sonoran skies to desert critters, 

lush foothills to scenic rivers. 

From stunning saguaros to vibrant flowers,

glowing sunsets to monsoon showers.

Work Sample 1 - Butterfly Crystal.jpg

Digital Eco-Artist


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